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To Spa or Not to Spa? When is that ever a question?

It was a busy week for me last week in the big smoke shopping for the fall line of clothes for both Stuff & Nonsense and our new store, Twang & Pearl. Though I enjoy the smorgasbord of restaurants, the … Continue reading

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There’s lots of sleepless people in the tropic of crazy

Oh how I wish that quote was mine. However I have to give credit where credit is due. And credit is due to Day 6 CBC Radio host Brent Bambury, uttered as I listened on my morning ‘commute’ to Stuff … Continue reading

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Redemption by Kathi Roll

Now home in Canada, after a thirty hour trip door to door, my head still feels like it’s sealed in a big tin can hurtling through the sky and my feet won’t warm up. Seriously Salt Spring Island, snow again? … Continue reading

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Down & Out in New Delhi

After our lovely house boat cruise, we continued south for a few days of doing absolutely nothing on Varkala Beach, a somewhat tacky strip of eateries, tourist shops & internet stands perched precariously on a red earth cliff strewn with … Continue reading

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There is a certain Indian mannerism and several casual expressions that Joe has picked up on in India and effortlessly mimics while we’re here, often to the amusement of the natives. He is a natural at the subtle Indian bobble-head … Continue reading

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The Sultry South

After a whirlwind four days of shopping in Pushkar and Jodhpur, our go go go pace afforded us a whole ten days off before having to be in Helli (as we not so affectionally call New Delhi) for a gift … Continue reading

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Contemplations Over Many Cups of Chai

This is now my sixth trip to Rajasthan and still I can’t quite figure this country out. India is like Christmas: gaudy yet beautiful and rife with contradictions. There is crushing poverty set against a backdrop of incredible riches. There’s … Continue reading

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Rajasthani Raga

After a week of go go go through the haze of Delhi, the congestion of Moradabad and the hum of Jaipur, yesterday we landed in placid holy Pushkar, after a bumpy three hour ride in a shockless Ambassador taxi. I … Continue reading

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Bringing Our A Game

Joe and I just passed the five year post of our marriage this weekend (thank you, thank you, curtsey, curtsey). To celebrate we brought our A – for Anniversary – game up to Squampton in the mountains to pop a … Continue reading

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Christmas is a Coming …

And the turkey’s getting fat. Or so the song goes. It’s a song that my Mom has sung every December as long as I can remember. It goes on to encourage folks to give what they can to those who … Continue reading

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