Bringing Our A Game

Joe and I just passed the five year post of our marriage this weekend (thank you, thank you, curtsey, curtsey). To celebrate we brought our A – for Anniversary – game up to Squampton in the mountains to pop a special cork with some special friends (who, by the by, recently celebrated their own fifth anniversary). I was given a bottle of Dom Perignon 2000 for another milestone this summer and have been waiting for the right time to savour its bubbly goodness. Well I’m here to report that expensive champagne is indeed very very very good, and this is coming from a champagne avoider (as generally my impression of champagne ever since the Baby Duck fuelled New Years Eves of yore has been ‘headache in a flute’). And yes, I do realise that Baby Duck is not actually champagne and therefore shouldn’t even be uttered in the same paragraph as Dom Perignon, let alone Dom Perignon 2000. Anyway, Lislemon who gave me the fancy pants bubbly would be happy to learn that though it was not drunk on a random Tuesday ‘just because’, it did result in some naked snow angel making.

And speaking of A games . . . we’re also about to embark on our yearly sojourn to the land of chaos and colour, the whirling dervish of a country known as India. India definitely requires bringing your A game. To psyche myself up I’ve been playing a little game in my head that Joe and I started one starry night in a tent on the Ashnola Forest Service Road. It’s called “Ten Things I Love About You.”

So, India, here’s my list in no particular order:
1) the head bob
2) tandori chicken tikka
3) a chicklet box of colour everywhere I turn my head
4) dosa … mmmm dosa
5) the Cozy Nook
6) butter mushroom masala
7) the hilarity of the traffic circle in Jaipur
8) daily, sometimes hourly, WTF moments
9) emailing about WTF moments
10) drinking chai in Raja’s shop

Here we go. India 2011.

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