There’s lots of sleepless people in the tropic of crazy

Oh how I wish that quote was mine. However I have to give credit where credit is due. And credit is due to Day 6 CBC Radio host Brent Bambury, uttered as I listened on my morning ‘commute’ to Stuff & Nonsense. I also have to thank Brent for giving me my first real belly laugh out loud moment since we got back home. And as I listened on, after the the belly laugh subsided into a chuckle and finally settled into a subtle lip twitch, I began to ponder how aptly this quote sums up the week.

Brent was playing a little game of ‘Guess who said it?’ Muammar Gadhafi, Charlie Sheen or Glen Beck (of conservative Fox News infamy) – all three steeply entrenched in their own version of crazy town at the moment. With quotes such as “We are all pirates,” “They picked a fight with a warlock,” and “You can get rich making fun of me,” the game wasn’t as easy as one might think.

Here on the rock the weather (like the news) has been nothing short of schizophrenic. We’ve had snow, extreme wind, warming sun, pelting sideways rain, mist, slushing sky and often all of the above in one day. While talking about the weather is a favourite pastime for many here on our bucolic little island (right up there with BC Ferries & astrology – or both, i.e., how the latter might be affecting the former), the severe passive agressive nature of it as of late has battened down the lip flaps of even the most devout wet coast winter enthusiasts. Instead we’ve all been reduced to a dull breathless communal mumble about how much wood we’re burning through and how cold we all are.

All the constant change in pressure is stirring up the crazy pot, I can feel it, as if there’s one thing the good people of Salt Spring Island don’t like it’s change. I for one haven’t been sleeping very well with an agitation that I just can’t put my finger on (partly because my hands are so cold that I have to have them lodged under Joe’s side most of the night). It just feels like there’s a lot of un-hinged captains at the helm of the ship these days.

Thankfully there’s no shortage of sheep to count in this particular tropic of crazy.

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4 Responses to There’s lots of sleepless people in the tropic of crazy

  1. Lindy says:

    It’s cold in these parts too and there’s a sleep deficit as well. As far as crazy goes well, at least we’re not on an island. How could sheep counting put anyone to sleep I wonder? Anyone who’s experienced close contact with these mammals can’t be incredibly relaxed by them. They’re kind of unpredictable and have weird eyes. Less so than goats but not much. They can be very cosy and smell great and have that whole lanolin thing going on, but they can also butt you when you least expect it.

    • Twangy Pearl says:

      I know, Lindy . . . I never got the counting sheep thing either. I just thought it was an apt ending to the sleepless in crazy town ditty. Look at those maniacal little fluff balls on legs running at the camera in the picture. And those actually are Salt Spring Island sheep.

  2. They picked a fight with a Warlock, which one of the clowns said that? LOL…. Counting sheep never made any sense to me I guess from the boredom they figured you would fall asleep.

    • Twangy Pearl says:

      I think the Warlock was Charlie Sheen … lol, indeed. I googled counting sleep. Apparently it works better to imagine a waterfall or a beach (takes more mental energy) and the first written notation seems to be in 1862′s “Illustrations of Political Economy” – no doubt sleep-inducing reading material. My favourite factoid of the bunch tho … “In India and Pakistan, the phrase synonymous to counting sheep is counting the stars.” I’ll have to ask after this next time we’re in India :)

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