Well hello there.  I’m Twangy Pearl.  I live on Salt Spring Island on the west coast of BC, Canada.  I’m married to a dashing and clever guy called Joe Goozey.  We have two cats: the chosen one Shane and the sweet but surly Georgia.  We love to travel and so far we’ve traipsed about most of South East Asia and Northern India, with a few beach pit stops elsewhere, most notably Bali, Mexico & Goa.

We own a retail business (a little shop called Stuff & Nonsense) here on the salty isle and a wholesale business (called Twang & Pearl – not coincidentally) to fuel and support our love for travel.  I’ve often been told I have an eye for the good stuff, and so far that eye seems to be keeping food on the table (ours and some artisans we’ve come to know in far flung corners of the world).  It’s not a hideous life, I can’t lie.

Why Twangy Pearl you ask?  Maybe one day I’ll tell that story.  Read on.

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  1. Kat says:

    Where the hell have you been? I miss you Twangy Pearl.
    I’ve been scouting your shop here and there and have a few new pieces in my Jana collection. My favorite new bits are the light switch covers. I’m coming in for another. The end tables that I was in love with are gone so I’ll have to rethink that one. I have not fit a whole lot these days but it’s now the season where it doesnt matter so much. I knitt lot’s and love to layer. Anyways, I’ll swing by soon and YOU BETTER be around! Hope you guys are well. Ciao, Katrina.

    • Twangy Pearl says:

      Hey Katrina! You’ll be happy to know that I had you in mind last week when Bonnie and I were purchasing our Spring clothes for the stores! Lots of xsm coming your way next year :) And I purchased ‘The Help’ to read on our next trip on your recommendation. I suspect (hope) Twangy Pearl will find her way back to the blogosphere then (which is November). Hope I’m there when you drop by! And hope you guys are well too!

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